The Different

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Title: The Different
Creator: Morgaine
Date: 2002
Format: digital, Realtime Player
Length: 4:05m
Music: Melissa Ethridge
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: archived vidder's web page; streaming Youtube version

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The Different is a Xena femslash vid by Morgaine.

Vidder's Notes

"My first creation for 2002 set to the stunning track ‘The Different’ from the album ‘Skin’ by Melissa Etheridge. This is slightly different (no pun intended) to my other vids (I can’t put my finger on exactly why, it just is …… possibly because it’s not quite so ‘relationship based’ as the others). This was a challenge I set myself as I love the song and the more I listened to it the more the chorus of ‘…but don’t you want to know what the dark and the wild and the different know………’ made me think of a certain Warrior Princess.

For those who need to know - This is a FIN-free vid.

If anyone is interested in such things, this is probably my most technically challenging vid yet – 50 scenes divided into over 100 separate clips with around 80 transitions (the good old cross dissolve) and 15 instances of superimposed/overlay clips. Phew!![1]

Reactions and Reviews

"I just rewatched this vid after a long time and it's still very powerful even if it's not the video quality we are used after today standards. Glad you loved it. :)"[2]

"oh my god!!! i'm totally breathless and speechless after seeing this xena and gabrielle music video. super hot video and melissa etheridge's song also oh my god!!!!! mind blowing![3]