The Celtic GlowWorm Faction Page

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Name: The Celtic GlowWorm Faction Page
Type: faction site
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: (archived)
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The Celtic GlowWorm Faction Page was the faction website for the Celtic GlowWorms, a group of Forever Knight fans united in their interest in things Celtic.

Site Contents

Plentifully decorated with Celtic-themed graphics, The Celtic GlowWorm Faction Page had only minor connections with Forever Knight, apart from a few screen captures.

It included the following:

  • front page
    • flags of the Celtic nations
    • statement of purpose
  • page for a collection of facts about the Celts
  • page for pictures of faction members
  • two poems by Pen, one of the faction members

Located on the front page of the website, the following statement of purpose sums up the premise of the faction:

Our Faction is open to any Forever Knight fans. We do try to tie all of this together, however we don't believe in limiting ourselves to one topic. In other words, we can discuss such serious topics as the various Celtic legends and the possible vampiric entities in Celtic culture. We can also ponder on what did LaCroix really do those missing 1,000 years (He probably visited Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England-- free food you know), Natalie's Irish roots, Nick's travels in Wales (despite the glaring historical inaccuracies in Queen of Harps), Janette's lovely Gaelic looks (Black Irish if you prefer), Screed's little-known talent for Irish dancing and the Highland Fling, and Schanke's secret desire for Haggis and good pipe and drum music.

Shoot if we want we can even discuss what makeup works best for pale, washed-out folks such as ourselves.

Site History

The Celtic GlowWorm Faction Page was originally at The site was created sometime prior to 23 November 1997 (which appears to be when it was last updated),[1] and was first recorded by the Internet Archive in April 1999. It disappeared sometime after April 2005.

It should be noted that, although the text of the pages has been preserved, most of the graphics and almost all the screen captures are missing.


  1. ^ The only date on The Celtic GlowWorm Faction Page appears on the "Celtic Facts" page[1] (accessed 5 May 2011), indicating the latest update.