The Case of the Birthday Present

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Title: The Case of the Birthday Present
Creator: Banbury McBurg
Date: July 11, 2009
Format: avi
Length: 01:46
Music: "Birthday" by Paul McCartney and "Happy Birthday" by Marilyn Monroe
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
Footage: original source material
*Download Link on Artifact Storage Room 3
*Vidder's Page on Artifact Storage Room 3
*Vidder's YouTube Page

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"The Case of the Birthday Present" is a The Sentinel vid by Banbury McBurg. It is a gen vid and it was created to celebrate the first birthday of Artifact Storage Room 3.


This vid was recommended by Magician113 on Crack Van on August 27, 2010:

"This is a clever tribute to one of our newest archives using a fun and appropriate tune. For my family, August has always been the birthday month – four birthdays, two of them (my grandmother and sister) are on the same day. So when I saw this vid done in honor of the first “birthday” of Artifact Storage Room 3, it just seemed a natural rec.

Fun and bouncy in keeping with the song and the sentiment, the vid’s plot is as flimsy as tissue paper (but solid on the eye candy). Blair has written a fic for Jim and is letting him know where he can find it and more great stories.

ASR3 is now two and also celebrated another milestone – over 1000 pieces of fanwork housed there now. So watch Banbury’s cool vid and also check out her stories and the others at the two years’ new ASR3."