The Blue Daemon

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Title: A Blue Daemon
Publisher: Metamorphoses Press
Author(s): T.M. Alexander
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): May 2013
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized, wire-bound
Genre: slash
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Language: English
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front cover

A Blue Daemon is a slash Sherlock novel by T.M. Alexander. The pairing is John/Sherlock.

It was the winner of a FanQ.


Summary from the author: "When an old friend comes to Sherlock for help after witnessing a murder, John finds himself dealing with feelings of jealousy -- but he's not gay. To make matters worse, Sherlock has reverted to some dangerous behavior which has brother Mycroft hounding John to keep a close eye on him. But how can John watch Sherlock when he's off trying to find out who's really behind the theft of a famous blue gemstone? And what happened in Sherlock's past that's making him avoid John?"


"The Blue Daemon is a slash Sherlock novel by TM Alexander. I bought this novel on the strength of TM Alexander's extensive writing history ranging from Sentinel, Man From Uncle to X-Files and much more. She has written gen and slash versions of her stories in the past and I have read the gen versions, because I am mainly a gen reader.

She has written a new novel based on one of my favorite shows: Sherlock. I believe she has captured the essence and heart of this very captivating show. Sherlock has to solve a mystery and uses all his resources and intelligence to solve it. I could see and hear Sherlock in the novel with Sherlock using his deductive skills, intelligence and massive ego to great delight. John, is frustrated, captivated and humored by Sherlock. I believe she has captured the essence and heart of the characters and seeing them interact is a delight.

The slash part. This is a slash novel and it does have a sex scene. While slash does not overtly appear in the series, it is often alluded to, with various people commenting about it in every episode. The slash relationship does appear and is an integral part of the story, however, it is not, out of character or offensive and the slash scene is skippable. Or deliciously readable , depending on your point of view.

I would highly recommend this zine to Sherlock lovers, even the gen ones."[1]


  1. Doctor Beth's review posted to the fandomswap mailing list July 8, 2013, quoted with permission.