The Blink of an Eye

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Title: The Blink of an Eye
Author(s): Jane Baron
Date(s): April 1990
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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The Blink of an Eye is a Blake's 7 Avon/Blake story by Jane Baron.

It was first published in Oblaque #4 and has been archived online.

Reactions and Reviews

Another of my favourites. A lovely use of the parallel-universe idea, from a very small starting-point rather than an earth-shattering event. "In an infinite number of possible universes the dustmote swept boldly on to impinge on Jenna's sclera, where [...] it forced her to blink. In at least one universe, it did not." What Jenna sees is Blake looking at Avon, and she does not take it at all well. There are some fairly dark scenes (and a wonderfully convincing view of a mind-wiped and latently-suicidal Blake) in this story, but it's wonderful. [1]
In "The Blink of an Eye" Blake and Avon have an explosive near-rape encounter with the usual themes - who's manipulating whom, who's the boss, why is Avon so bloody difficult, is Blake a hero or a devious bastard? What is unusual is the skill with which these familiar themes are handled. [2]

STORY: The Blink of an Eye



WHY ARE BLAKE AND AVON DOOMED THIS WEEK? Blake has a death wish and is stupid and Avon is too sophisticated for him. They are now committed to one another, but you’re not allowed to feel it’s a particularly good idea.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I feel my left eye seizing a bit. with rage not jealousy or dust.

PROSE: not awful.

OVERALL: Avon is too sexually sophisticated for Blake: ‘OH BLAKE YOU NEED TO PRACTICE SEX FOR MONTHS BEFORE YOU CAN TOUCH ME AGAIN’. A joke? that LINE could be, but then they talk more and he totally means it, even though EARLIER IN THE STORY the narrative says that Blake is like GREAT because he used to be vv good at this and in practice. and the whole fundamental fucking-premise of it is like–it makes no sense either at the stated or later-revealed!! explanation. you have to give this fic SO MUCH to make it work. [3]


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