The Black Emporium

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Name: The Black Emporium
Date(s): 2016-present
Type: fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: Dragon Age
Associated Community:
URL: AO3 Collection
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The Black Emporium is a rare pair exchange in the Dragon Age fandom.


The Black Emporium: relics and antiques for the discerning traveler.

Black Emporium is a fanwork gift exchange, meant to foster growth in rare pairings in the Dragon Age fandom. For the purposes of this gift exchange, a rare pairing is any pairing with less than 300 fanfics on AO3.


All of the nominated pairings on our list are absolutely beholden to these stipulations:

  • No extreme underage sexual content (i.e. depicting children of pre-pubescent age in sexual activities)
  • No heterosexual couples where one of the participants is homosexual in canon

Aside from these rules, we are not in the habit of policing fan creativity, or otherwise prohibit transformative works that deal with sensitive issues like abuse, rape, and other potentially problematic adult themes. We believe that these works absolutely have merit in their own right, and we will not project real-world judgment on fictional scenarios. We hope our participants can muster the same maturity.