The Biter Bit

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Title: The Biter Bit
Author(s): Nova
Date(s): 2000
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: Online at AO3

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The Biter Bit is a Blake/Avon Blake's 7 story by Nova.

It was originally printed in the zine Fire and Ice #6.

Reactions and Reviews

An amusing variation on your standard aphrodisiac story. I found this one thoroughly enjoyable: great sex, great character interaction, and a great twist or two on the cliché. And yet another optimistic ending that I can actually find believable. (Happy endings, particularly A/B happy endings, don't generally feel quite natural to me for B7...) [1]
Another Nova, so of course it is very good - well written with exquisite Avon dialogue. But I have some problems with the way she's characterised Blake this time. I've talked to Molly a lot (because that's the sort of thing we do) about how this Blake is an unreliable narrator so he probably likes Avon a lot more than he admits in his prose before he admits it out loud, but it does bother me that he seems so shallow and also that he would be so awful.[2]
Alternate to "Terminal"...tight and nicely ironic, with a very realistic feel to the Avon-Blake dialogue. there's no doubt in hell that he retains it here.[3]


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