The Biggest Gamble

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Title: The Biggest Gamble
Author(s): Draig
Date(s): 1999-2001[1]
Length: 120,445 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
External Links: The Biggest Gamble (Draig's Fanfic)
The Biggest Gamble (All-Ezra)
The Biggest Gamble, Part 1 (EBoS, for the other parts go back to index)
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The Biggest Gamble is a Vin/Ezra saga by Draig. The story was posted in 8 parts and is a winner of a Gold Ezzie June 2002.

From a mag7ficfind search[2]:

"I'm trying to find an OW story where Ezra takes a misstep off the boardwalk and ends up injuring both legs. I think it's gen, but it might be slash." (flickerlj)
"It sounds like Part 6 of The Biggest Gamble series by Draig. [...] Oh, and it's also available on All-Ezra." (fanficfan83)


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