The Auron/Lulu Shrine

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Name: The Auron/Lulu Shrine
Date(s): Feb 2006-
Archivist: auronlu (Helluin)
Founder: Helluin (later renamed auronlu)
Type: hubsite for fanart, fanfiction, and other fanworks related to the Aulu pairing.
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
URL: The Auron/Lulu Shrine, originally hosted at
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The Auron/Lulu Shrine is a fansite devoted to the Auron/Lulu (Aulu) pairing in Final Fantasy X fandom. It includes:

  • an introduction to the pairing
  • annotated, linked lists of Aulu fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, and cosplay found around the web
  • an index of Aulu fanwork by the Shrine's archivist, Auronlu

It is being documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.

Site History

  • February 2006
    The Auron/Lulu Shrine: top banner, September 2009
The Auron/Lulu Shrine began as "The AuronLu Shrine" on Geocities. auronlu initially created the site as an archive of her own Auron/Lulu fanwork. At the time, auronlu went by the handle "helluin".
  • March 2006
After meeting TrekQueen on AdultFanfiction.Net and muggy_mountain on Livejournal, helluin decided to expand the shrine to include sections on fanworks by other Auron/Lulu fans. muggy_mountain made helluin co-mod of her own Aulu Livejournal Community and linked to the AuronLu Shrine as the website for that community. Due to a username snafu on Livejournal, helluin soon became known as "auronlu" -- originally the name of the fansite, not the archivist.
  • December 2008
The AuronLu Shrine's name was changed to "The Auron/Lulu Shrine", and the site was extensively revamped with its present design.
  • September 2009
auronlu transferred The Auron/Lulu Shrine from Geocities to in anticipation of Geocities' demise.

How the Site is Updated

Links to new fanworks are added very sporadically by the archivist, usually by scouring posts on the Aulu Livejournal Community -- where fans may advertise or recommend Auron/Lulu fanwork -- and by searching for new Auron/Lulu stories on FanFiction.Net.

Screenshots of Site

Taken in September '09, when site was being moved from Geocities to a new web host:

Original banner for The Auron/Lulu Shrine, March '06
Top portion of Fanart page featuring art by saharasnow on Livejournal
Intro page of The AuronLu Shrine