The Arundel Affair

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Name: "The Arundel Affair" (sometime after the sixth one, it was simply called "Arundel")
Dates: 1997-present
Frequency: annual
Location: Arundel, UK
Type: fan con
Focus: Man From UNCLE
Founder: Jacqueline van de Poll
Founding Date:
URL: convention website[1]; convention Facebook page;[2] archived website
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The Arundel Affair is a fan-run Man From UNCLE convention held in the UK.

From the convention's website: "The first Arundel Affair was held in 1997, and since then we have had twelve such events. The name 'Arundel Affair' was coined by Norman Felton, Executive Producer of the U.N.C.L.E. series."

"The conventions are small, extremely friendly get-togethers, where we spend a weekend immersing ourselves in our favourite TV programme. We watch U.N.C.L.E. episodes, play the odd (U.N.C.L.E.-related) game, compete in the prize quiz and caption contest, listen to short talks given by other attendees, and watch other things the show's stars have done. There is also plenty of time to chat and get to know everyone else - and as there are normally around 20-25 people, it is easy to chat to everyone there. We usually have lots of memorabilia on display, a small sales table, lots of freebies and a raffle table. The weekend has more of a 'houseparty' feel than the usual large conventions."

The Arundel Affair 1

The Arundel Affair 1 was held on 4th/5th October 1997. Convention photos are archived here.[3]

The Arundel Affair 2

The Arundel Affair 2 was held 7th/18th October 1998. Convention photos can be found archived here.[4]

The Arundel Affair 3

The Arundel Affair 3 was held March 25-26, 2000 in Arundel, West Sussex (no convention was held in 1999). A few photos of the event can be found here, here, and here.[5]It was organized by Jacqueline van de Poll and held at The Comfort Inn.

A con report was published in Z.I.N.E.S. v.2 n.2.

The Arundel Affair 4

The Arundel Affair 4 was held March 10-11, 2001 in Arundel, West Sussex. There were 17 participants. A few photos can be found archived here, here, here, and here and a few convention quotes are recorded here.[6]

The Arundel Affair 5

The Arundel Affair 5 was held March 2-3, 2002. Convention photos are archived here.[7] A brief convention report can be found here.

The Arundel Affair 6

Arundel 6 welcome poster
Convention poster for Arundel 6

The Arundel Affair 6 was held March 1-2, 2003 with a total of 22 fans in attendance. A convention report can be found here with photos here and here.[8]

Arundel 7

convention "goodies" on display from Arundel 7

Arundel 7 was held March 6 and 7, 2004. Convention photos can be found here and here.[9]

Arundel 8

2008 Convention Logo

Arundel 8 was held 12-13 March 2005. A convention report was posted online here.</ref>reference link.</ref> The highlight of the convention was a phone call with the actor Robert Vaughn which was held on a speakerphone.

Arundel 9

2009 Convention Logo

Arundel 9 was held 4th-5th March 2006.

Arundel 10

2010 Convention Logo

Arundel 10 was held 2nd-4th March, 2007. Convention awards can be found archived here.[10]

Arundel 11

Arundel 11 was held 8th - 9th March 2008 . A convention report was posted online here and photos are archived here here.[11]

Arundel 12

Arundel 12 was held in March 2009. A convention report is archived here.[12] Awards are archived here.[13]

Arundel 13

Arundel 13 was held in 2010. A convention report can be found archived here[14] with awards archived here[15] and photos here.[16]

Arundel 14

Arundel 14 was held in 2011. A convention report is archived here.[17]

Arundel 15

Arundel 15 was held March 3rd & 4th 2012. A convention report can be found archived here.[18]

Arundel 16

Arundel 16 was held 2nd & 3rd March 2013. A convention report is here[19] and photos are here and here.[20]

Arundel 17

Arundel 17 was held in March 2014. A convention report is here and photos are here.[21] Comments from convention attendees are here.[22]