The Arrangement (Gundam Wing story)

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Title: The Arrangement
Author(s): Maldoror
Date(s): 2004?
Length: long
Genre: action adventure, romance, yaoi
Fandom: Gundam Wing
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The Arrangement is a Gundam Wing fanfic by Maldoror, set during and after canon, and focused on the relationship between Chang Wufei and Heero Yuy. The author claims it is "NOT A ROMANCE" (but it is totally a romance). It is something of an unreliable narrator story, being largely written from Wufei's POV.

Although Heero/Wufei is one of the less popular pairings in the fandom, it has been widely read and recced. It also won awards for best mutipart/series and best overall in Nanashi 2004.

Recs and Reviews

  • This fic has everything - action, fascinating characterization, really hot sex. And what makes it even better is that it's long. Maldoror lets the development of Heero and Wufei's relationship take time, so by the time Wufei reaches a tentative peace with it, you're convinced. Plus, her Wufei is wonderfully conflicted, and possibly my favorite version of his character. I have a cautionary note before you get started: don't judge this story by the first chapters. They're rougher than the rest of the fic. I think that Maldoror hadn't quite captured the right stride for the story yet. Or she simply improved with practice." [1]
  • "...That clicking noise? That's me, finding the first chapter of The Arrangement, by Maldoror. For the third time. I don't do that. I don't reread novel-length stories three times in a month and a half! I let them lay for at least a year! Damn it. But if you, dear reader, have not yet lost your sanity to this fic which starts with "made of oh, wow," graduates to "made of awesome" and layers on that "made of incredible" as it approaches endgame, then for god's sake don't do what I did and start the Breaking Storm chapters at 2AM when you have to be at work the next day. That is all." [2]
  • "Que dire ? Pendant très longtemps, j'ai considéré cette fic comme la meilleur que j'ai jamais lue, tous fandoms confondus (c'est d'ailleurs toujours un peu le cas...)"[3]
  • "This is the fic I go to for my action scene/GW needs. While not perfect, something about it has me going back for rereads. I mean, this fic is practically legendary and is down in the history of 1x5. Maldoror can write her Wufei, the missions are well planned out, and the action scenes are outstanding." [4]
  • "I read something I haven't read in a long, long time: A truly well written Gundam Wing fanfic that is both sweet and realistic during the time of war. The Arrangement by Maldoror is definitely the one of the two best GW fanfics I ever read in this regard (and trust me, I read a lot). It's really up there with It's the Pilot and its unfinished sequel 'Two Roads Diverged' by Truth. Such a great fanfic. Makes me almost want to go back the GW fandom."[5]


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