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Fan Club
Name: The Adrian Paul Fan Club
Country based in:
Focus: Highlander
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The Adrian Paul Fan Club was an official fan club.

Its newsletter was called Peace.

By late 1996, the club had over 1500 members.

In late 1996, it appeared to have undergone some turmoil. From an open letter from Adrian Paul in Peace #11 in which he writes: " the past few months, PEACE has gone through a structural change that had to happen because the club is growing in leaps and bounds. Rebecca Flynn and James Thompson had been running their own branches of PEACE in America and Europe respectively, as well as maintaining regular jobs, paying the rent , and dealing with their own lives. ... When the PEACE membership began to swell to the 1500 mark, I quickly realized that it was no longer possible to continue working this way and maintain the ethics that would keep this club from being handed over to a company, therefore making it very impersonal. None of us wanted that to happen, so we discussed our options for a solution. The ensuing restructuring happened, but apparently has caused some of you many problems. E-mail as well as regular mail went unanswered, and there were typing and spelling errors in the first edition of PEACE WORLDWIDE, among other problems that you brought to the attention of either Rebecca or James.... If you start with the pages of PEACE, I guarantee yo the solutions you find there will overflow into your own life. You might not see them immediately, but somewhere along the line you, too, will see the light at the end of the tunnel. The problems that have arisen due to this restructure will be worked out, bu they will be worked out a lot quicker if you help."