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Fan Club
Name: The A-Team Fan Society
Dates: 1987-
Country based in: Germany
Focus: The A-Team
External Links: English, German
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We do it for the Jazz.

The A-Team Fan Society is a German club that became a worldwide club. They printed the newsletter Baracus News, originally in German, though the language was later changed to English.

A 1997 Announcement

"At the end of last year I volunteered to take over an unofficial fan club which has been around since the late 80s called the A-Team Fan Society. We used to have a German zine - but then I looked around and realized that it might be the last surviving A-Team Fan Club besides this mailing list.

So - if there's enough interest from foreign countries I would be more than glad to transform our "Baracus News" into an English zine. Everybody out there who might be interested to join - SEND ME AN E-MAIL. The membership fee for one year (4 issues of the Baracus News) will range around 40 DM (airmail inside Europe), 40 DM (surface outside Europe) or around 60 DM (airmal outside Europe). This fees might drop as soon as I've got more than 50 people in- and outside Europe. Whatever, if there's any money left at the end of the year it will be given back to the members as a small X-mas present or something like that.

The Baracus News contains stories, news, focuses on the actors etc.

For further information, please send me a mail and put ATFS in the subject - I would be glad to hear from you.

Sonja (President of the ATFS)" [1]


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