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You may be looking for the X-Files site that is froggdoggie's fiction site: The Office of the A.D..

Name: TheAD'sOffice, The AD's Office, AD's Office, #TheAD'sOffice
Date(s): 1998-2000
Moderator: Cedara, Mitsou, Riticulan and WSkinner
Founder: AgtMulder
Type: IRC Chat
Fandom: X-Files
Xfiles ad office adbar.gif
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TheAD'sOffice (The AD's Office, AD's Office, #TheAD'sOffice ) was an IRC chat room where X-Files slash fans could meet, talk and have a good time. The only things required of the participants were that everyone be 18 years or older and slash-friendly. The chat room was hosted on The name of the chat channel is an abbreviation for the office of "Assistant Director" Walter Skinner, a character on the X-Files.

The chat room also had a website: TheAD'sOffice

From the FAQ:

The chat channel was for fans "who have a particular fondness of the Mulder/Skinner pairing. However, discussion of all pairings is tolerated, including the occasional discussion of other fandoms when relevant. The current holder of the position as the Office's Chairman is Mulder, the co-founder of the channel. The other Slashketeers or Crew Members are Cedara, Mitsou, Riticulan and WSkinner. All of us take turns at organizing and hosting special chats, writing up and sending out announcements of channel events, and generally keeping order in the Office. In general, all important Office decisions are made as a group by the Slashketeers.

Meetings and Transcripts

A weekly meeting was scheduled every Saturday at 10 a.m. on the Pacific coast, 1 p.m. on the East coast and 7 p.m. in Central Europe. Other, lesss frequent meetings were set for Thursday—same time, same channel. About every two months the slashketeers (as they called themselves) arranged a Special Event to take place in the Office. Usually one or more special featured guests have been asked join us to talk about their work. Transcripts of these IRC chat logs can be found here.

The Interviews

This community hosted and posted a series of IRC Chats they held with authors, zine publishers and editors. See: The AD's Office Interviews (1998-2000).