That One Particular Blade of Grass In My Front Lawn

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Name(s): That One Particular Blade of Grass In My Front Lawn
Abbreviation(s): topbogimfl
Scope/Focus: Tumblr-created fictional fandom
Date(s): July 2013 -
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In summer 2013 Tumblr user fandom-mused-fandom-games started a project where she planned to make a poster with symbols for all fandoms that were represented on Tumblr.[1] She created posters with symbols for all suggested fandoms; the size of that symbol of the poster depended on how many notes that post got. There was a lot of discussion and controversy about which symbols were used and which fandoms got a poster.

In July 2013, an anonymous user sent a message to fandom-mused-fandom-games saying "Ok princess bride isn't even a fandom. Now you're just putting random things on your posters. What's next? A poster saying, "Reblog if you're in the fandom for that one particular blade if [sic] grass in my front lawn?" In response, fandom-mused-fandom-games created a poster for exactly that fandom (adding "When will people learn not to say stuff like that around me.")[2]

redgetrek replied "Let’s make this the biggest fandom of all." fandom-mused-fandom-games decided "You know what? If you get this to 10,000 notes, I’ll put it on the poster." The post became extremely popular, collecting over 220,000 notes by February 2014, and the symbol was indeed included on the final poster.

Many fans created fanart for the fandom[3], discussed ships[4], wrote fanfic[5], ... Fans generally agree that the fandom is very friendly and welcoming.


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