Ten Thousand Leagues Above You

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Title: Ten Thousand Leagues Above You
Editor(s): misericordemika
Date(s): 2016
Medium: print, PDF
Size: 112 pages, 6x9 inches
Fandom: DC Comics
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr
Cover art by cyanparade
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Ten Thousand Leagues Above You is a Hal Jordan/Barry Allen fanbook published in 2016. It contains 8 fanfics (16,000 words) and 7 illustrations. The interior is fully black and white, including the pictures. The cover was drawn by cyanparade, guests included chinkatsu-don, justa-fanboy, plasmasnakecat, endlessstarrysky, and charismabell.

Promo Blurb:

Green Lantern and the Flash, the Brave and the Bold - their partnership is one that is both a legacy and a succession, for if there's a Flash, there's a Green Lantern. From their trials within the Justice League to their adventures at the edges of the galaxies, their stories are of partnership, comradeship, friendship - and perhaps something more. Even as both have died - as sinner or saint, and are reborn - as avenger or hero, their bond is one that will never be shaken.

The project started around February 2016 and officially concluded on 17 March, 2017. 44 copies were sold in the first two months, not counting giveaway copies. The fanbook was eventually made available as a free PDF on Payhip for a limited time.

Contents Page:

  • 9 Rainshine
  • 25 Airglow
  • 35 Earthlight
  • 53 Dreamscape


  • 69 Ragnarök by Akaling
  • 77 I’ve Got You! by Poochy
  • 79 Under the Tree by Hayden
  • 87 Fanart by Endlessstarrysky
  • 89 From a Time Long Ago by CharismaBell
  • 100 Fanart by PlasmaSnakeCat
  • 101 Haunted by Akaling