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Notes for editing this timeline

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Timeline of Slashed Canon Sources

LivejournalMerlinPirates of the CaribbeanFireflyBandomTorchwoodSupernaturalHouse, M.D.SmallvilleStargate AtlantisLord of the RingsQueer as Folk USThe Magnificent SevenusenetHomicide: Life on the StreetStargate SG-1PopslashSports NightThe SentinelThe X-Files/SkinnerHighlander/MethosHighlanderProfessional WrestlingForever KnightMiami ViceWiseguyQuantum LeapLed ZeppelinStar Trek/VoyagerBattlestar GalacticaStar WarsBattlestar GalacticaStar Wars/Phantom MenaceStar WarsAngel the SeriesBuffy the Vampire SlayerHarry PotterXena: Warrior PrincessHercules: the Legendary Journiesdue SouthThe X-Filesmailing listsThe ProfessionalsBlake's 7Starsky and HutchStar Trek/The Original SeriesMan From UNCLE