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This template should be added to articles about individual fanfiction stories, novels, or epics in due South fandom for the pairing Fraser/Vecchio that are not zines. The template will automatically include the page in the Due South F/V Fanfiction category.

For articles about Fraser/Kowalski fanfic, use the Due South F/K fanfiction template. For articles about Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio fanfic or other pairings or multiple pairings, use the general Due South fanfiction template.

For articles about non-due South fanfic, check Category:Infoboxes for any other fandom-specific fanfic templates. If no fandom-specific template exists for your fandom, or the fanfic is a crossover, use Template:Fanfiction.

For articles about fannish original fiction, use Template:OriginalFiction or Template:OriginalSlash.

To embed this template on a page, copy & paste the code below to the top of the new page:



  • title = title of the story
  • author = fanfic writer
  • dates = when was it posted/published?
  • length = word count, page count, or file size
  • genre = gen, het, slash, adult, crack, casefile, AU, etc.
  • externallinks = link to the story, if available online
  • image = if a suitable image is available, place file name here and format like so: [[File:Example.jpg|thumb|center|caption text]]

The Template

Fraser/Vecchio Fanfiction
Fandom: due South
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