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This help page provides details on how to develop and organize Fanlore's large collection of articles documenting individual fanzines. See Help:Fanworks for general information about how to create a Fanlore article on an individual fanwork.

How do I name a zine article?

Like other fanwork pages, the title of a zine page should be the same as the title of the zine.

Disambiguating zine articles

However, some titles, such as Between Friends or Captain's Log, are used for more than one zine. To differentiate between these pages, include a parenthetical phrase when you name the page. Depending on how many pages share the same name, you may need to be more or less specific:

Which template should a zine page get?

Every zine page should have an infobox template.

If the zine is a collection of fiction (or sometimes a mix of fiction and poetry or fiction and non-fiction, etc.):

If the zine consists of one fannish novel (or novella, novelette, or short story, depending on the zine's page count):

If the zine is a collection of mainly poetry (or poetry and art):

If the zine mainly consists of art (coloring book, comic, art portfolio, etc.):

If the zine is a letterzine, print newsletter, APAzine, or club zine (except for club zine fiction anthologies):

If the zine is a fandom or canon resource (concordance, compendium, episode guide, adzine, credit zine, reviewzine, index zine, etc.):

If the zine is another type of non-fiction (meta essays, fan scholarship, puzzles, cookbooks, etc.) or is otherwise labeled non-fiction, but not clearly a newsletter, canon resource, etc.:

If the zine doesn't fall into any of the above categories:

Which categories should a zine page be assigned?

If you use a zine template on the page, it will be automatically included in one of the Zine subcategories listed below, depending on the template:

Anthology Zines
Art Zines
Newsletters & Letterzines
Non-fiction Zines
Novel Zines
Poetry Zines
Resource Zines

If you use the generic zine template, it will be included in the main Zines category.

For zines that contain more than one type of content, you may also manually add other categories. For example, a clubzine anthology that contains fiction and poetry should get the Anthology Zine template, but can be manually assigned the Poetry Zines and Club Zines categories.

Miscellaneous categories to add manually

Zine category structure

Category:Zine Fandom

Anthology Zines
Club Zines
Novel Zines
Poetry Zines
Non-fiction Zines
Newsletters & Letterzines
Resource Zines
Actor Zines
Multimedia Zines
Multimedia Gen and Het Zines
Multimedia Slash Zines
zines by individual fandom (cross-categorized under the fandom)
Zine Publishers (cross-categorized under Organizations & Corporations)

What content should I add to a zine page?

  • publication details like publisher, author, editor, date and place of publication, illustrators, size/format, distributors, etc.
  • contents of the zine: contributors, stories, articles, art, etc.
  • images of zine covers or sample illustrations
  • whether the zine or any of its contents were popular/influential/infamous
  • whether the contents were republished elsewhere
  • controversies or amusing anecdotes about the zine's publication or reception
  • how the zine compared to other zines published in the same fandom or at the same time, whether it was part of a trend, etc.
  • quotes of reviews or links to commentary on the zine
  • anything else relevant

Notes on zine images

Fanzine covers, tables of contents, sample art, and other zine-related images can be uploaded to the wiki for purposes of illustration and example. Zine covers especially provide a lot of valuable information about the zine itself, as well as trends in the making of zines: title, date, editor/contributors, font, binding method, cover art styles, details about the life cycle of the physical copy, etc.

Images on the wiki should follow our image policy and copyright policy.

Categories for images

Because all images on the wiki should have a category if possible, you should assign the appropriate fandom category to zine images. In general, images that can be identified as relating to a specific fandom should be given the fandom's category (or most specific subcategory) and a date, if known. See also Help:Categorising Guidelines. Zine covers for multifandom zines can be assigned Category:Multimedia Zines or one of its subcategories.


Check out the Uncategorized Files page to see images that need a category.

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