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This template should be used for audio fanworks compiled into albums, such as wizard rock.

This template will automatically include the Category:Fan Albums category on any page it's used on. If it's a Wrock album, please manually add Category:Wizard Rock.

Articles about filk albums should use the filkalbum template. Articles about podfic anthologies should use the podfic template.


To embed this template on a page, copy & paste the code below to the top of an article:



  • Title: The title of the album.
  • Producer(s): The producer of the album; there may be multiple.
  • Type: The recording type used for the album, such as live or studio.
  • Date: The initial release date of the album.
  • Medium(s): The medium(s) the album is available on, such as CD, cassette tape, vinyl, and/or digital.
  • Fandom(s): Fandom, or Multiple for mixes
  • Performer(s): Person/Band Name, or Multiple
  • Other: Additional notes, if relevant.
  • External links: Links to an official release page.