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Journal Community
Name: The Daily Show RPS
Date(s): Created 14 December 2003 - Last post 23 July 2016
Moderator: spacemonkey_699
Fandom: Fake News/The Daily Show

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tds_rps is a LiveJournal community for sharing slash fanworks about the news satire cable show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was founded in late 2003, but no one appears to have posted there until November 2004.

According to lunaris1013, "in about February of 2005, the DC gossip blog Wonkette found tds_rps and posted an excerpt from a particularly purple story and as I understand it, Msrs. Stewart and Colbert found out what was being written. The fandom went to ground after that, you didn't see anything unlocked or without a huge legalese disclaimer. I came into the fandom during this time, so I of course followed suit."[1] On February 17 newgeneration posted a warning to the community, You're famous.

As of 2018, the community has 1723 members; 3135 posts; and 55,400 comments.[2]


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