Taxi (film series)

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Name: Taxi, TAXI
Creator: Luc Besson
Date(s): 1998, 2000, 2003, 2004 (remake), 2007
Medium: Movie
Country of Origin: France
External Links: IMDb
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The TAXI movies are action buddy comedies, about two cute guys, Daniel and Émilien, who enjoy each other's company, fast cars, and beautiful women (in moderation).

The American remake changes the male character Daniel to female character Isabelle and keeps the same flirtatious culture-clash dynamic between Isabelle/Andy as Daniel/Émilien have. However, the poor quality of the remake and the lack of hoyay! seems not to have drawn any new fans into TAXI fandom.

English language TAXI fandom is very small, probably because the source text is French. It is mainly a slash fandom, with some (ironic) car fetishism.

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