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Talk Trek was a radio show for Star Trek fans in California, Detroit, and perhaps other places.

The dates it aired are unknown but was likely in the 1990s.

undated flyer
From a flyer that described this show, and also encouraged a letter campaign:

The Radio Voice of Fans

TALK TREK, a call-in radio talk show for fans by fans, broadcasting from KIEV 870AM, Los Angeles, California every Friday from 10:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m., has taken the Los Angeles area by storm. In a city where glitter and glamour is common place TALK TREK stands out as a unique experience. Boldly going into the area that allows fans to really express themselves, to talk about Star Trek, it's present, it's past and to help fans unite their dreams for a Star Trek future, TALK TREK wants to reach into the very heart of America hut we can only do it with your help.

Be one of the first states outside of California to receive this show. Write letters to your local talk radio station and tell them you've heard about TALK TREK and would like very much to receive it in your area. Take up a petition. They did that in Detroit and we are now on the air there. REMEMBER, letters and petitions are powerful - they kept Star Trek on the air even after Paramount killed it.

For more information about TALK TREK write to Joyce Mason, P.O. Box 7401-725, Studio City, California 91604...