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separate supercut page?

while supercuts are definitely a thing, i'm not entirely sure how they relate to video essays? supercuts have stronger ties to Vidding than they do to video essays, which are really just a video-based form of meta. it seems like it should be moved it its own page that can be linked under the "Modern Vidding Genres" on the Vidding page rather than here, because while i think supercuts CAN be a form of meta (the "Every Single Word" series comes to mind) they're usually very much . . . not that. they're usually more along the lines of "alec lightwood || walking on sunshine (aka the ultimate salt compilation)" or the Sean Bean Death compliation. or Every Time the McElroys Say 'Boy' in 420 Episodes of MBMBaM.

even if it doesn't go on its own page, i think it would fit better on one of the vidding-related pages than on this one.