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Should this really be a plain redirect rather than a disambiguation? Admittedly Mulder/Krycek seems to be by far the most common pairing with these initials, but I've seen for example Marcus Flint/Katie Bell in HP called M/K, example both from a comm and from a personal LJ:

and while Roswell had mostly fancy pairing names (too many M-names I guess), some use initials, so pairings with Kyle, in particular Max/Kyle were labelled M/K like e.g. on this page:

in Highlander Methos/Kronos is sometimes labelled M/K, because initials are common for Duncan/Methos. I've even seen in Firefly Mal/Kaylee as M/K a couple of times. --Ratcreature 12:05, 31 January 2009 (UTC)