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Expansion Needed

I'm going to work on this article when I get the chance, and here's a list I think it would need to cover to be complete (based on my experience):

  • Alloy Entertainment property
  • Books by Cecily Von Z. > response > spinoffs
  • TV show > differences between show and books and fan response > Blake Lively as Serena was fancasting...

TV show fandom history:

  • S1 response, NYM Recaps > Active fandom mostly at FanForum, TWOP boards, LJ > writers strike
  • S2 ratings fell significantly, the show became less of a zeitgeist and more of a dedicated fanbase show. > Nate/Blair vs. Blair/Chuck shipping war and the filmed-both-ways ending of the season dominated fandom discussion.
  • S3 Taylor Momsen leaves the show > migration to tumblr began > gganon (gg_anon?) became the most active GG community on LJ.
  • S4 twitter became instrumental with how the showrunners interacted with the fans > fandom was preoccupied with a season-long script leak originating at fanforum (and twitter) and later IMDb > Dan/Blair vs. Chuck/Blair shipping war began > "Abusegate" after episode 4x20, Leighton's 2014 quote about the ship having some domestic abuse > there was more activity this season, it felt like a rejuvenation > gossip girl parallels
  • S6 shortened 10 episode final season with dismal ratings > critical reception: find article about how Gossip Girl was out of step with the times. > criticism of Dan being gossip girl


  • international popularity, particularly in china (actor appearances).
  • graphic novels
  • Gossip Girl: Acapulco in Mexico
  • Alloy maintains the presence of Gossip Girl property on twitter and its site in the form of a Gossip blog, recent kerfluffle with Mindy Kaling: "wow you guys are dicks" over an article about her sense of style. (again with Gossip Girl being out of step with the times).
  • Fashion (Target line, headbands and tights, Eric whatshisface the fashion coordinator's book, Blake Lively on Vogue, Blake and Leighton's fashion line spokesperson jobs)
  • Shipping (dominated fandom discussion and activity, Blair/Chuck most popular followed by Dan/Blair and ?Nate/Serena?, list of other ships, in Season 1 slash fandom was active, "femslash unusually popular" with Blair/Serena. RPF about "Bleighton" and "Leighted" also very popular)

Notable Comms

  • TWOP forums
  • Fanforum (spoiler thread and shipping threads especially)
  • LiveJournal
bleighton_squee (and the kink meme)
gganon (deleted b/c of wank with gossipgirlsss)/anon_xoxo
kink memes (3)
gossipgirlnews (friended all the gg communities pretty much)
  • gossipgirlsss (forum and blog) >> also the related secret community whose name I forget right now
  • ggparallels (tumblr)
  • Fanfiction (mostly posted to FF.N and LJ; AO3 was not widely used during the show's run, notable works?)
  • Podcasts (after dark and the two guys who loved to discuss it whose names i forget)
  • Other fannish works such as fanmixes, ...

--Caitiedid (talk) 18:49, 3 July 2015 (UTC)