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Possible sources for quotes:

  • Women/Writing 1: How Fanfiction Makes Us Poor, by cupidsbow [1] "is the non-capitalist aspect of fanfiction actually a method of silencing the artistic voices of women? And does it take away what should be legitimate opportunities for us to earn an income from what we create?"
  • this was meant to be a short follow up[2] "But whenever I try to write commercial fiction, I feel crass and dissatisfied with it. I hate that tone that infects so much commercial fiction, the Dan Brown tone of connivance, calculation, catering to the reader. It's a subtext that says "Give me money for this and I will entertain you" and it comes through in a lot of commercial fiction, as a whisper or a roar."
  • Workers of the World Unite: An Old School Marxist Analysis of FanLib vs. Fandom [3] ??--MegR 21:26, 1 December 2010 (UTC)