Tales of the Back Nine

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Title: Tales of the Back Nine
Publisher: Martha Berry
Medium: print
Fandom: SeaQuest
Language: English
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Tales of the Back Nine is a gen SeaQuest anthology. One of the authors in it describes it as a "small humor zine." [1]

Issue 1

Tales of the Back Nine 1 contains 60 pages

  • A seaParody, by Patrick Jones and Melissa Wilkinson (A shark seeks his revenge from the 70's.)
  • The Cult of Wendy, by Nibor (Everyone has to have one admirer.)
  • The Brawl, by Deanna Toxopeus (What happens when sailors have one too many.)
  • The UEO Gazette (first issue) (What would happen if the seaQuest had a newsletter.)
  • Portside, by Sarah E Heim (A story of star-crossed lovers in a musical setting.)

Issue 2

Tales of the Back Nine 2 was published in 1996 and contains 32 pages.

  • Painted Santa, by Sue Thomas (Dagwood learns the true meaning of Christmas.)
  • The 12 Days of SeaQuest, by Diane Kachmar
  • Twinkling Little Lights, by Inga (Christmas through Darwin's eyes.)
  • As God is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly, by Mary Martha Berry (A sour deal, a live turkey and the Captain's Thanksgiving Dinner. Title is from the WKRP episode, and helped inspire the story.)
  • How Hudson Stole Christmas by Karal Black (If you love Dr Suess, you'll adore this.)

Issue 3

Tales of the Back Nine 3.

  • unknown content


  1. from the header of the online version of How Hudson Stole Christmas