Take Me Home

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Title: Take Me Home
Author(s): Lea
Date(s): 2006 or before
Length: 13,800 words
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Take Me Home is a Beauty and the Beast Vincent/Catherine story by Lea.

Author's Comments

From a 2006 interview:

Sigh...I hate angst! When reading a story I often skim through the "hurt" parts to go straight to the "comfort" ones. But much as I hate it, I use it. Have to! I didn't at the beginning. My very first stories either have no hurt part at all (Lion Pride) or just solve the angst already lavishly provided in the Trilogy. Then as I began exploring further I realized I'd have to throw my own angst in, too. Not especially to hook the reader, but rather to provide a dramatic trigger to a change in V& C's relationship. That was in "Take Me Home", and I put in all the angst I deemed necessary to make the story believable, but I still don't enjoy doing that. I'm much more at ease with scenes that solve or heal. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

... the first fan fiction I loved enough to bookmark on del.icio.us and I've read it several times over the years — a feel good read, if you will. BATB fandom seems to adore the amnesia trope and so do I (it also helps that a lot of amnesia is canon) but most of the time Vincent is the victim and Catherine assists him in remembering his life and her. Lea turns the tables by setting up a plausible scenario in which Catherine is the one with amnesia and has turned her private dreams into a reality for ten days. A wonderfully romantic AU that hits the spot for a bit of all genres. [2]


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