T'Prang of Vulcan

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: T'Prang of Vulcan
Author(s): Judith Gordon
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation, and other Treks
External Links: http://home.wtal.de/locust_iic/stories/amagosa/tprang.html

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T'Prang of Vulcan is a Star Trek fan fiction series. The first two parts, Bondmate and Conceptions, were posted to alt.startrek.creative in the 1990s.

The T'Prang stories are associated with alt.startrek.uss-amagosa. "Conceptions" won a ASC Award in 1997.

Reactions and Reviews

[Conceptions]: This is the second book in [Judith's] T'Prang series. It *is* long, and I'm one who is usually a bit shy of long stories -- unless they really grip me the way this series has. [Judith] knows her Star Trek, and uses characters and lore from all the series (with the exception, I think, of VOY). She also introduces us to many fascinating and 'real' original characters. The reader soon cares about these people as much as for our 'old friends' -- you'll expect to see them pop up on your TV! [Judith] also has the knack of 'world-building' and has created at least one totally original, and very complicated, society. The plot is a nonstop ride, and once you start you'll soon be as addicted to this series as I am. [1]
[Conceptions]: Excellent story!! Long, but well worth your time, believe me. Lots of action/adventure, some good h/c, a few really tasty naughty bits. Mostly original characters, but a few old favourites put in appearances. And the originals are some of the best done ones out there. I really enjoyed this whole story -- can't wait to see what happens next! ! [2]


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