Sweet Alice

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Name: Sweet Alice
Occupation: prostitute
Relationships: it is hinted that Hutch may know her more than professionaly
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
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Sweet Alice is a character who appears in several Starsky & Hutch episodes. She is a hooker. It is hinted that Hutch may "know" her better than Starsky. Sweet Alice assists Starsky and Hutch in some cases by giving them information.

A Few Facts About the Canon Sweet Alice

  • she has a thick Southern accent
  • she used to work for Janos in porn films until he beat her up
  • she has a thing for Hutch
  • Hutch knows how much she charges for her services

The Fanon Sweet Alice

Sweet Alice is almost always portrayed as helpful, supremely understanding and accepting, and often a tragic figure.

Some Sweet Alice Fics

Some Sweet Alice Art

Despite her high profile in fiction, there is no Sweet Alice art.