Swan Queen Big Bang

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Name: Swan Queen Big Bang
Date(s): 2014 - 2016
Moderator(s): fictorium, writetherest
Type: fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
URL: Swan Queen Big Bang Tumblr, Archived version
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Starting in 2014, a group of fans decided to do a "Big Bang." This is an event where over a period of time (most often 4 months), artists and writers collaborate to make a fic and a piece of art that work together. Either the writer writes a story and the artist makes a piece of art based on that fic. Or the other way around, where the artist makes art and the writer produces a fic based on that art.

The "base" work is presented anonymously to prevent favoritism. This way smaller artists and writers can end up being paired up with one of the big names in the fandom. After another period of time where both participants are revealed to one another so they can work together to make it a whole, they both finish their piece. When the deadline strikes, all collaborated works are presented to the public one at a time. This provides the fandom with a tidal wave of new fic and art in the span of a few days - month depending on the number of works produced.

During the production phase of the Big Bang there are often word wars and chats where participants can spar with one another, bounce ideas and just have a great time. In addition to this there are cheerleaders who send the participants positive messages, and betas sign up to help the authors to improve the quality of the works produced.

The collection of the Big Bang is archived at AO3 because there is the possibility to link easily between works, and the writers can upload their work but choose not to reveal it yet, making it possible to edit up to the deadline. The collection is also accessible from the Big Bang Tumblr page, but the stories link to AO3.

1st Swan Queen Big Bang: April 2014
2nd Swan Queen Big Bang - Banging All Summer: September 2014
3rd Swan Queen Big Bang - Three Dollar Bill: September 2015