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Name: Susan Foster
Alias(es): englishrose2011
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: The Sentinel
URL: homepage (archived link)
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Susan Foster is a writer of The Sentinel fanfiction. Her AU the GDP Series was a winner in the Light My Fire Awards 2004.

She is the originator of the fanfic terms: GDP, Dark Sentinel, Dark Guide, Senior Sentinel Prime and many other terms that are now commonly used throughout Sentinel fandom.

A short interview with Susan is here.

In November 2013, she closed down her fanfiction website and began migrating her fanfiction to AO3 and[1]


Fan Comments

Susan Foster's stuff frequently comes up under the title of 'guilty vices' - that is, stuff you read, because it's addictive in some way, but that you don't want to let on that you actually like it.[2]

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