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Title: Supernova
Publisher: Nova Press
Editor(s): Elizabeth Burnham
Medium: print zine
Fandom: mostly Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Supernova is a het Star Trek: TNG anthology. There are five issues, starting at issue #5.

This zine series began as Beyond the Farthest Star and then became "Supernova" with issue #5: "The first four issues are available as reprints from us... Issues 5 and 6 were published by Elizabeth Burnham/Nova Press and are available from under her title of Supernova 5-6, to avoid confusion with us when 'Beyond the Farthest Star' reverted back to us. Make sense? It does avoid having two zines with the same title available from two people at once, especially as Elizabeth has continued her series, and is at least at issue 8 by now." [1]

Issue 5

Supernova 5 was published in 1990 and 167 pages. It is the first zine in this series, despite being called issue #5.

cover of issue #5

Contributions by Chris Dickerson, Vaughan and Cantrell, Kim Junius, Linda McInnis, Ann Zewen, Bonney Parker and others. Art by R.J. Lipponcott, Larry Warner, Michele Benoit, and Susie Leinback. Cover by R.J. Lipponcott.

From an ad in The Monthly: "In which Dr. Crusher has a problem that only Jean-Luc Picard can help her with, Worf finds out just what WAS in Barclay's program number 9, Geordi has a most interesting "blind date," we cross a Betazoid in The Phase with a Vulcan in pon farr, Riker (lucky man) helps a Klingon with her experiment."

Issue 6

Supernova 2 was published in September 1991 and contains 159 pages. It is an all Mirror Universe issue.

The fiction is by Chris Dickenson, R.J. Lippincott, Sadie Maxwell, Delphine D'Amour and others. Art by R.J. Lippincott, Laura Miles, and Michele Benoit.

From an ad in The Monthly: "Our all Mirror Universe issue-- not for the faint of heart. Ever wonder what the crew of the Enterprise is like -- on the OTHER side? Step through the shattered mirror, if you dare!"

  • Reflection, Refraction by Delphine d'Amour
  • Betazoid Appetites by Delphine d'Amour
  • The Adventures of 'Stud' Crusher, Boy Genius by Sadie Maxwell
  • Dangerous Little Toy by Karen Biggs
  • A New Career in a New Town by Jacob Clark
  • I'll Be Watching by Chris Dickenson (Star Trek: TOS Mirror Universe)
  • Empires Falling by R. J. Lippincott
  • other unknown content

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, RJ Kippincott

Supernova 7 was published in November 1992 and contains 156 pages. It contains stories by Mark Cantrell, Chris Dickenson, Linda McInnis, Don Vaughan, Delphine d'Amour, Deborah Baudoin, Othello the Magician, Karen Biggs, Kimberley Junius, Sadie Maxell, RJ Lippincott. Art by Michelle Benoit, RJ Lippincott, Laura Miles.

From an ad in The Monthly: "See Q do the Enterprise! See Riker and Shelby and Geordi and Leah -- together again for the first time! See Data get laid (again!). Ok, ok, so you have to use your imagination... Hot stories about your favorites..."

  • Fuck Q by Mark Cantrell, Chris Dickenson, Linda McInnis, and Don Vaughan. In which an almost omnipotent being learns a few things about a very old subject...and about himself. "Jean-Luc...was it good for you?" (1)
  • Just Deserts by Delphine d'Amour. Riker finds out that the cost of a little dalliance may be more than any man would wish for. (14)
  • After the Dream by Deborah Baudoin. Mirasta Yale has the stars; can they replace the life she's left behind? (29)
  • Down Under by Othello the Magician. Our favorite android needs help with an experiment. Who can he find to be his lab partner? (40)
  • Decisions by Deborah Baudoin. Chris Chapel finds that the road less traveled by sometimes takes you back to where it all began. (Star Trek: TOS) (62)
  • First Lessons by Delphine d'Amour. To Wesley's dismay, not all the lessons at the Academy are found inside a book. Of course, that only makes them more interesting. (79)
  • Encore by Katherine Biggs. Shelby takes on Riker. Again. Looks like she can't get enough of a good things. (94)
  • Cinderella Liberty by Kimberley Junius. Geordi has a date with the feisty Leah Brahms. The real one. (103)
  • A Fresh Coat of Paint by Sadie Maxwell. Chris Pike finds out what happens when Number One takes his orders too literally for comfort. (Star Trek: TOS) (127)
  • Aftermath by R.J. Lippincott. A tender P/C vignette set between "Best of Both Worlds" and "Family". (151)
  • The Q-Pidium by Sadie Maxwell. To bring the zine full circle, a bit of doggerel about our favorite threesome, Picard, Q, and Vash. (157)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Claudia Kowalski

Supernova 8 was published in November 1992 and contains 149 pages, mostly Star Trek: TNG. Cover art is by Claudia Kowalski; interior art is by Chris Brackman, Silvia Hebert, Laura Miles, R.J. Lippincott and Kevin Hopkins.

From an ad in The Monthly: "'She's (gasp) -- green, Captain.' Why is Deanna Troi green? Get your copy and find out. Hot stories about your favorite Enterprise crew members from both generations..."

  • Bad Day at Holo Rock by R.J. Lippincott (1)
  • Unconditioned Responses by Sadie Maxwell (23)
  • Green Legs and Hams by Rhonda McKensie (56)
  • The Walls Have Eyes by Sadie Maxwell and Chris Dickenson (81)
  • L’homme Avec des Yeux d’Or by Emily Gallagher (114)
  • A Fate Worse Than Death by Delphine d’Amour (126)
  • The Winds Are Cold at Midnight by Karyl Weiss-Mendel (144)

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Lippincott

Supernova 9 was published in 1994 and contains 146 pages. It may contain some Deep Space Nine material. Art by R.J. Lippincott, Laura Miles, and Joy Riddle.

From an ad in The Monthly: "'Cover your eyes, Granny! They're doing it again...' Yes, here we are, with another issue of good, clean, adult-type fun."

  • Can't Teach an Old Dog by Sadie Maxwell ("where Jadzia Dax attends the wedding of Curzon's son, and gets reacquainted with an old flame. Whatever you do, don't try the Dirrinei Surprise!")
  • Fear and Remembrance by T. J. McAllan
  • Uncertainties by Karen Linzer
  • A Vulcan Affair by P. J. Haynes
  • Close Comfort by Angel Tulley
  • The Next Phase by Chris Dickenson
  • Odelisque by Emily Gallagher ("where Data creates an unusual work of art with Deanna Troi"
  • Trading Places by Sadie Maxwell
  • Nice Night For a ... Swim? by Gail Molnar
  • Pushing the Envelope by Lola McCrary
  • Something Fishy by Vixen Foxx ("in which we learn just what a mermaid has to do to catch a Vulcan's attention.")


  1. from the editorial of issue #3 of "Beyond the Farthest Star"