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Title: Superkiddos!
Publisher: Sonia Liao
Editor(s): Sonia Liao
Type: fancomic
Date(s): 2018?
Medium: print
Size: 48 pages, 7x10.5
Fandom: DC Comics
Language: English
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Superkiddos! is a gen art zine featuring Colin Wilkes, Damian Wayne, and Jon Kent in the DC fandom by Sonia Liao.


48 full-color pages of Supersons + Colin Wilkes adventure! Printed at standard size (7x10.5) Includes the Valentines Special and all extras. Rated G for Everyone.

The Supersons meet a foe that may split them apart... Meep Meeps! When Robin gets kidnapped, his friend Colin must team up with Superboy to get him back.