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Name: Charlotte Webber
Occupation: superhero
Fandom: Spider-Man, Across the Spiderverse
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Charlotte Webber aka Sun-Spider minor character in the Spider-Man franchise. Originally a spidersona, she won contest hosted by Marvel and thus appeared in the backpages of the 2020 Spider-verse comics.[1]She also had a brief appearance in the 2023 animated film Across the Spiderverse.


Sun-Spider was created by fan Dayn Broder, and submitted to Marvel's 2019 Spidersona contest. She was one of the winners, and began appearing in Spider-Verse comics in 2020.[2]


She has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and uses a wheelchair or crutches for mobility. She uses crutches with webslingers built-in as part of her Sun-Spider costume and gear.

Spider-Verse Comics

She was the main character of Edge of Spider-Verse #4 (2022), “Prom and Circumstance,” which tackles lack of disability accomodations during an emergency.

Across the Spiderverse

Do you think we often use comedy as a crutch? Get it? Crutch? [3]

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