Sugah & Spice

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Name: Sugah & Spice
Owner/Maintainer: Loni Kingrey
Dates: 1997 - 2001
Type: fan site, archive
Fandom: X-Men
URL: GeoCities, archive link
Fanhosts, archive link
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Sugah & Spice was a fansite and fan art archive in X-Men fandom, dedicated to the pairing of Gambit/Rogue. It appears the site was originally called When the Gloves Come Off but was later revamped as Sugah & Spice, it was hosted on GeoCities before moving to The archive contained several pieces of art by 18 contributing artists, the exact number of pieces is unknown. The site also contained wallpapers, screen savers and icons. As well as extensive information about their appearances in the comics, the video game X-Men vs. Streetfighter and online role playing games. It also managed The Sugah & Spice Webring. The site goes defunct sometime in late 2001.