Sufficient Provocation

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Sufficient Provocation
Author(s): Suzan Lovett
Date(s): 1985, 2006
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Sufficient Provocation is a Star Trek: TOS story by Suzan Lovett.

It was published in R & R #21 and later in Antinomy.


From the publisher: "Post "Journey to Babel". New dangers face Kirk, Spock and Amanda as their voyage to Babel continues."


"Spock had found the weak spot in the port cover. He pushed Amanda to the door. "Get out, Mother. Warn them the hull might give any moment. Stay on the other side of the lab exit until they get to you. If there's a crack, it will seal again automatically." As he was talking, he was attacking the unwieldy mass with renewed determination. "Spock!" Kirk railed at him, but the Humans' voice was edged with resignation. Amanda wasn't ready to abandon her son and Kirk. She threw herself at the stubborn block of metal. Spock gripped her arm tightly; she gasped with the pain. "Mother, GO!""

Reactions and Reviews

Ah, I can never resist anything based upon “Journey to Babel”. This is such a key episode in my opinion, with boundless proof that Kirk and Spock have something very special going for them. But this author does not dwell on the occurrences we saw on our television screens, she takes threads from them and weaves an entirely new plot of excitement, danger and drama. As always, beneath it all flows that steadfast river of caring bordering on obsession.

The ship is badly damaged from the encounter with the Orions, and Spock, still depleted physically from the effects of the transfusion, has taken on a dangerous EVA. It’s a detail that doesn’t escape Kirk’s notice, “Mr. Spock, did you by any chance lead the expedition to the outer reaches of the ship?” And when the confession is made, “Damn it, Spock!” There’s more, but you can see what I mean about there being no effort on either Kirk’s or Spock’s part to hide their depth of feeling for each other. It hardly matters they don’t share the same bunk at the end of watch.

An explosion rips through the ship, throwing the characters into an increasingly precarious situation and the story into high gear. This is all the opportunity that’s needed for a number of incidents where the aforementioned feelings come rushing to the surface. Amanda is witness to the unfolding catastrophe, as well as the completeness of the friendship between her son and his captain. This Amanda is a strong, intelligent and perceptive person, and I enjoyed seeing this both in relation to the men and the danger they all face together. I loved the fact that she comes up with a solution before either man thinks of it. A measure perhaps of just how absorbed they are with each other’s safety. As with the illness of Ambassador Sarek, everything takes second place when Spock or Kirk is threatened in any way. This is the way K-S affirms the love between them, and it is extremely effective in the hands of Ms. Lovett. I am nothing less than captivated by how it is handled in this story. [1]
I loved this story. It gives a very nice insight into Spock and Kirk thru Amanda's eyes. And of course, I loved how Sarek was barely holding himself. Good work and thanks for sharing! [2]
This was a lovely friendship fic..The usual little argument they have between each other...Go Spock save yourself, and he throws it right back at Jim. And Amanda was a delight. This truly felt like watching a very exciting star trek episode...Thank you for sharing. [3]
TOS, Post-Journey to Babel. Amanda witnesses the depth of Kirk and Spock's friendship when both of them are endangered in turn and risk their life for the other. Really nicely written description of Kirk and Spock's, friendship for each other from an outsider POV and very good suspense. Interesting peek ito Amanda's character and her relationship with Sarek. [4]


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