Style!!! on Ice

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Title: Style!!! on Ice
Editor(s): Kyyhky[1]
Type: Artbook
Date(s): 2017
Medium: Print
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Language: English
External Links: tumblr, twitter
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Style!!! on Ice is a Yuri!!! on Ice artbook fanzine. The theme of the zine is fashion.


Style!!! on ICE aims to be a collaborative artbook that gathers different illustrations from many and varied artists across the globe, with Fashion as the common theme.

What kind of fashion?

Any kind! From outfits of your own invention, to any kind of fashion style of your interest! There’s so much to chose from![2]

Fan reception

Just got my book today! It's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you everyone for your hard work on this zine, it turned out beautiful ❤ [3]
Hi. I just received my zine in the mail and the artwork is beautiful but I'm a little disappointed. There are scruff marks and deep scratches all over the cover from shipping. It was also bent. [4]
A HUGE thank you to @kyyhky for organizing this amazing @styleoniceartbook zine and to all of the participating artists for their beautiful works! Words can’t accurately depict how excited and happy I was when I flipped through it for the first time. I absolutely love the zine!! [5]
"As we could have thought of extra protection, and I'm realizing that too late." MULTIPLE people now on tumblr and twitter have received damaged zines, and that's no coincidence that every single person had bad mailmen. That's your fault for not properly packing them after 3 months, of which you've already acknowledged. You should be giving people replacements (did you not order extras just in case?) or refunds. Shame on you. Should mine arrive in those conditions, I'll file a Paypal claim.[6]