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Forum · Message Board
Name: Stranger Things
Date(s): 2002 or earlier-
Type: message board/chat room
Fandom: Angel the Series
URL: Archived Link Fanfiction Archive
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Stranger Things was a message board for Angel the Series fans, with many forums and discussion threads centered around the pairing of Angel/Cordelia.

This message board's Fanfic Forum was associated with Just Fic, a C/A fanfiction archive. Originally this archive was hosted at http:///, before moving to The Just Fic archive is still available online, and included 1890 stories by 313 authors on 22/05/05.

Wonderful C/A board, where you can post any and all things about Angel the Series and Cordelia and Angel's relationship.[1]

THE message board for not only Cordelia/Angel fans but for Charisma Carpenter fans to come and discuss a wide variety of topics from current television shows and movies to past topics like Cordelia/Angel[2]


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