Steve Kornacki

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Name: Stephan Joseph Kornacki
Also Known As: Steve Kornacki
Occupation: journalist
Medium: TV, Radio, Podcast
Official Website(s): Steve Kornacki on Twitter
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Steve Kornacki is the NBC News National Political Correspondent, with focus on multimedia analysis. He's a recurring guest host on The Rachel Maddow Show, All In with Chris Hayes and Hardball with Chris Hayes, and special correspondent for the election season. He had been covering elections for MSNBC and NBC News Group since 2014 (including the legendary moment when he interrupted his colleague Kasie Hunt with a paper in his mouth during 2018 House Elections), but his popularity soared during the coverage of US Presidential Elections 2020, when he spent five days in front of the camera, calculating data and explaining the results coming out of the key swing states, on what appeared to be bare minimum of sleep (according to the anchors in the studio, only about five hours in 72 hours [citation needed]).

Twitter, both USA-based and international, collectively named him 'the saviour of our sanity' for his diligent reporting and never ending enthusiasm in front of his board - the hashtag #TrackingKornacki went viral, and Twitter even gave him his own special emoji, the hashflag, to recognize his impact.

Fandom quickly latched onto his newfound popularity, with fics under the tag Steve Kornacki rising from 1 to 16 between November 6th and November 8th alone on Archive of Our Own [1]. Almost all of the fics deal with Steve's apparent inability to take a break and sleep, with Steve Kornacki Never Sleeps and Steve Kornacki Finally Sleeps being popular tags on the works.


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