Step Sequence

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Title: Step Sequence
Type: Artbook
Date(s): 2017
Medium: Print, digital
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Language: English
External Links: tumblr, Archived version, twitter
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Step Sequence, also called the YOI Fanbook, is a Yuri!!! on Ice artwork fanzine. The zine features 40 artists and contains over 40 artworks. It was available for pre-order between 7th February and 25th February 2017.[1]


the victor is just too adorable, as well as the cards, and the charms, and the everything, really ✨ thank you, @yoifanbook!![2]
I also got the Step Sequence zine recently and it's GORGEOUS![3]
3rd package is my Step Sequence order! Ohmygoddess I've only flipped through the book&I'm already itching to dig in. Thank you @yoifanbook[4]

Charity donation

The proceeds of the zine were given to the charity Rainbow Railroad:

Hi all! We have decided that we will be donating the proceeds of this zine to , which is an organisation helping the very real LGBT issue in Russia that is the ‘gay concentration camps.’.

We are lucky that in the Yuri on Ice world, Victor is free to love Yuuri without any repercussions, so we have to remember what it is like for gay people in Russia right now, and we would like to help that.

We hope that everyone approves of our choice, your support for the zine has made it possible to let us help the LGBT community![5]



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