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Name:, StargateFan
Dates: 2000 - present
Type: gen fanfiction, multimedia, episode guides, transcripts, screen caps & sounds, image gallery, links
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
StargateFan collection at AO3
Stargate SG-1 - Stargate SG-1 FanFic Archives.jpg
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Contents is a major Stargate fan site with a huge fanfiction section. The Heliopolis link description says "Over 1200+ Stargate SG-1 Gen stories" but the number is actually much bigger because if you just count the A-D titles you already have more than 500 stories.[1] Other sections of the site include episode information, multimedia files, "fun stuff," "research," links to other fan sites, and links to buy official Stargate merchandise. As of December 2013, many (most?) of the audio files and screencaps are gone, and much of the site appears not to have been updated since 2005.

From the submission information:

In addition to the old archive, Stargatefan introduced a new gen archive, powered by eFiction, where both SG-1 and SGA stories are accepted. The new archive so far hosts 379 Stargate SG-1 and 165 Stargate Atlantis stories.[3]

In November 2013, the OTW announced that Stargatefan's fanfic archive would be moving to Archive of Our Own.[4] The import was completed in August 2017.


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