Star One (Blake's 7 ezine)

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Title: Star One (Blake's 7 ezine)
Publisher: Jigsaw Publications
Editor(s): Bob Furnell
Date(s): February 2011 - September 2012
Frequency: twice yearly
Medium: ezine
Size: 8.5 x 11 inch downloadable PDF
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Star One was a free Blake's 7 PDF ezine that contained essays, reviews, interviews, articles about the show and fan fiction. Four issues were published before the e-zine folded in early 2013. A fifth issue was planned for publication in March 2013. Material for the fifth issue was gathered, including an interview with Big Finish author Scott Harrison, but to date has gone unpublished.

The Editor/Publisher has gone on record saying: "It was my goal was to provide a publication that could be enjoyed by fans of all ages whether you’ve been a long time fan, a fan new to the series, or someone who’s never even heard of the show. The goal was to publish at least two issues per year. Each issue featured a mixture of articles, interviews, reviews, opinion pieces, analysis and thought provoking material. It was also hoped to feature new and original fiction and even an on-going comic. I wanted Star One to be a zine that the fans would enjoy reading."[citation needed]

Issue 1

Issue 1 was published in February 2011 and contains 35 pages. Front and back covers by James Beery.

  • ONE FANS DISCOVERY OF BLAKE’S 7. One fan relates how they discovered Blake’s 7 and became a fan
  • THE GENESIS OF BLAKE’S 7. Bob Furnell looks at the early development of the series
front cover issue #1
  • HAL MALLENBY: MASTER OF ASSASSINS. Gary Phillips takes a look at the character of Hal Mallenby
  • A GAMBLE WITH DEATH. Gary Phillips delves into this classic episode
  • ROBERT HOLMES AND BLAKE’S 7. Richard Farrell examines Robert Holmes influence and scripts for Blake’s 7
back cover issue #1
  • MARVEL’S BLAKE’S 7 MONTHLY RETROSPECTIVE. Dave May takes a fond look back to the days of Blake’s 7 Monthly
  • FICTION: BLAKE’S 7 UPRISING: PART ONE. The first installment of our original fiction series by James Beery

Issue 2

Issue 2 was published in September 2011 and contains 44 pages. Front cover by Jack Drewell.

  • Category One Courier – News from the Blake’s 7 universe
  • Zen and the Art of Liberation – The relationship between Zen and the Liberator
front cover issue #2 by Jack Drewell
  • Blake’s 7: The Comic Strips – A look into the classic B7 comic strips
  • Egrorian: Desperate Despot or Mathematical Prodigy – An examination into the character of Egrorian
  • Vila’s Fun Facts – Blake’s 7 fun facts and trivia
  • Blake: Hero or Tyrant? – What was Blake really like
  • Auxiliary Monitor – Our review panel turns the spotlight on the episode “Trial”
  • Blake & Avon: The Early Days – The early relationship between Blake and Avon
  • Monsters, Villains & Aliens of Blake’s 7 – Our A-Z of the monsters, villains and aliens from Blake’s 7
  • One Fans Discovery of Blake’s 7 – One fans journey in discovering Blake’s 7
  • Sensornet – Reviews of various Blake’s 7 related merchandise

Issue 3

cover issue #3

Issue 3 was published in March 2012 and contains 52 pages. Front cover by Will Brooks & Mateen Greenway.

  • CHRIS BOUCHER INTERVIEW - Jez Strickley talks to the man behind Leela, Taren Capel, the Fendahl and a little known sci-fi series “Blake’s 7″
  • THE LIBERATOR CHRONICLES: DAVID RICHARDSON INTERVIEW - Bob Furnell chats with Big Finish Producer David Richardson and talks about the recently released Blake’s 7 audios
  • A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: THE BLAKE’S 7 ANNUALS - Shaqui Le Vesconte takes an in-depth look at the Blake’s 7 annuals from World Publishing
  • MODEL MAKING THE BLAKE’S 7 WAY - Kevin Davies tells us about his Blake’s 7 related modeling projects
  • THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CROSSOVERS - Lynn Clark reviews the Kaldor City audios
  • THE CANON OF SOCIAL INTERACTION - In this first of a three-part series, Elizabeth Lang examines how the crew of the Liberator interacted
  • AUXILIARY MONITOR: POWERPLAY -Our review panel offers their opinions on the episode “Powerplay”
  • FICTION: FINALE - All new original fiction from Shaqui Le Vesconte
  • VILA’S FUN FACTS - Fascinating and fun facts about Blake’s 7

Issue #4

front cover issue #4, Damien May
back cover issue #4, Mateen Greenway

Issue 4 was published in the September 2012 and contains 36 pages. Front cover by Damien May and back cover by Mateen Greenway.

  • CATEGORY ONE COURIER - The latest from the world of Blake’s 7
  • IS THERE AN AFTERLIFE FOR BLAKE’S 7 -David Busch takes a fresh view and examines the novel “Afterlife”
  • BLAKE’S 7 ON VIDEO - Patrick Furlong examines the history of Blake’s 7 on video and DVD
  • AVON’S THEORY OF RECIPROCITY - The second in our series examining the relationships between the crew of the Liberator
  • AUXILARY MONITOR - Our review panel puts the episode “Stardrive” under the microscope
  • THE MARK WRIGHT & CAVAN SCOTT INTERVIEW - Bob Furnell sits down with the authors of “The Forgotten” in this exclusive interview
  • SENSORNET - Reviews of Blake’s 7 related merchandise
  • ENTRY POINT - Brand new fiction from the pen of Winnie Lacesso
  • VILA’S FUN FACTS - Fascinating fun facts and trivia about our favorite show
  • CENTRAL CONTROL - Our readers write to Star One

Issue #5

Issue 5 was intended for publication in March 2013 (but ultimately abandoned) Some of the contents included:

  • AUXILARY MONITOR - panel review of the episode "Project Avalon"
  • Mutual Affinities: The Avon and Cally Story Season One
  • Fiction by Katherine Lopez
  • Interview with Scott Harrison (author of the Big Finish novel "Blake's 7: Archangel")
  • Episode inconsistencies