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Event: Stand With Ward
Participants: Stand With Ward
Date(s): 2014 - ongoing
Fandom: Agents of Shield
URL: SWW Always, Stand With Ward, Ward's Warriors
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Stand With Ward is a fan movement dedicated to supporting the character of Grant Ward from Agents of Shield.


The Stand With Ward movement has its roots in April 2014 when it was first revealed that Grant Ward was a double agent for Hydra, but the movement gained steam with the reveal, in episode 1.21 Ragtag, of how he was recruited in to Hydra by John Garrett.

The first tumblr blog dedicated to the movement, Stand With Ward, was opened on May 15, 2014[1] with an adjoining twitter account. This was followed by SWW Always (AKA Ward's Warriors),[2] also alongside their twitter account.

The aims of the movement are to "collectively show our support for Grant Douglas Ward",[1] to express why "we want him, as a victim of years of abuse and manipulation, to get the help he needs so that he finally has a chance to find out who he really is",[3] and to "create a positive space for people like us who support Ward and what he stands for us, whether we’re survivors, or supporters".[2]

Reaction of the movement from Brett Dalton, who played Grant Ward, has been positive[4] as well as using the #StandWithWard hashtag, he also follows and retweets from the Ward Warriors twitter account.


The Stand With Ward community have created several projects to express their views, starting with a poster decorated with many of the usernames of Stand With Ward supporters that was given to Brett Dalton at San Diego Comic Con 2014, followed by a blanket printed with fan art, among other birthday gifts for Brett, and finally, a campaign video featuring many Stand With Ward members with the reasons they are a part of the community.


Both Stand With Ward and Ward's Warriors have redbubble shops providing merchandise, such as t-shirts, stickers and phone covers, with their own pro-Ward designs. All the profits from both shops are donated to Habitat for Humanity.[5][6]



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