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Newsletter Community
Name: Sports Slash News: The Sportsslash Newsletter
Date(s): December 2005 - present
Moderator: benched, caruso
Fandom: Sports RPF
URL: Sports Slash News

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Sports Slash News is a newsletter that gathers links for "newsworthy" posts elsewhere in sports slash RPF fandom. According to the newsletter's Profile page, topics include:

  • Fandom News
  • Challenges/Contests
  • Fic
  • Art
  • Icons/Graphics
  • Discussion/Questions
  • Notes

The posting schedule is erratic, with roughly one or two posts per month from 2005 through mid-2009. At that point, posting slowed down further, with several months being skipped entirely, partially due to one of the moderators' putting her energy into reccing things at Handbasket News instead.[1]


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