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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: spockmccoyhaven
Date(s): 2002 - 2019(?)
Moderated: Yes
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Scope: Spock/McCoy
URL: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/spockmccoyhaven/info (defunct); archive link
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The spockmccoyhaven was a fanfiction mailing list in Star Trek: The Original Series fandom, focused on the pairing of Spock/McCoy. It had 386 members. It held periodic writing challenges.


Spock/McCoy. It's a simple concept. Spock and McCoy are a couple. I love the idea. So, I decided to make my own list. It's posting for S/Mc stories and authors. I just have a few rules for the stories posted here, no Kirk replacement. This means that neither Spock nor Len can want Kirk and settle for the other out of angst. No pity relationships. No major character abuse. What this means is no story where Spock or McCoy treats the other very poorly, but the other loves him so much he takes it. Aside from that, there is no problem. Mirror Universe counterparts with either or both are more than welcomed.

Fanfiction shared on the mailing list was archived at the now defunct Spock/McCoy Haven.