Spidey Zine

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Title: Spidey Zine
Type: fancomics
Date(s): 2018
Medium: PDF
Size: 20 pages
Fandom: MCU
Language: English
External Links: gumroad
Spidey Zine.png
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Spidey Zine is a gen Peter Parker art zine by Hannah Blumenreich in the MCU fandom. It's available for free on gumroad.


A Note on the Innards of This Mini:

This is fan art and not official Marvel or Disney or whatever and I’m going to shout this at every single person who handles this little comic collection because DEAR GOD if there is one thing I fear, it’s Disney Lawyers™.

Do you know what happens to people who cross Disney Lawyers™? No. No one knows. They just disappear. All memory of their existence is wiped from the records. What becomes of these people. What becomes of their mortal souls. They belong to Mickey now.