Special Men

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Title: Special Men
Creator: Ancasta
Date: September 18, 2010
Length: 02:57
Music: Harry Potter Theme (?)
Fandom: The Professionals, Harry Potter
URL: YouTube

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"Special Men" is a The Professionals fic trailer. This vid was created by Ancasta as a teaser for the story, Special Men by Sineala, a fusion story, for The Professionals CI5 Box of Tricks challenge.

This vid was recommended by Callisto on Crack Van on October 29, 2010:

"Because she combined Bodie and Doyle with Harry Potter - yes, Harry freakin’ Potter - as the artist for Sineala’s Pros Big Bang crossover fic, and somehow managed to blend the two worlds seamlessly. It’s short because it’s done as a movie-style trailer for the fic itself (which is also wonderful), and although I confess to not being much of a Harry Potter fan, I think this is utterly brilliant."