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Synonyms: proofreading, copyediting
See also: Beta, Brit-pick
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SPAG (an acronym for Spelling and Grammar) or SPaG (for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)[1] is a term used to describe a light proofreading of a piece of fanfiction, rather than a more in-depth Beta read. Fans will request a SPAG beta for their fanfic if they primarily want those issues covered.[2]

Fans will also use the term in discussion of fanfic or in recs or reviews. A fan might say that a story had good SPAG, but a few typos here and there when they describe a work.

The term is not universal in fandom, but is widely understood. The term is also used in popular internet culture, writing and blogging circles[3] as well as in fannish contexts. The term may have originated within education circles.[4]


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